Here’s what you need to know about getting a student visa in China

The Chinese government aims to have 500,000 global trainees enlisted at its college establishments by 2020 and also actions have been made to make the visa procedure simpler for trainees. The first thing to note is that all pupils will require a visa, no matter how much time your study programme lasts. There are two kinds of visas for global students, the X1 and X2, as well as they depend on whether you will be in China for basically than 180 days.

X1 Visas

All trainees studying in China for greater than 180 days need to request an X1 visa.

Below’s what you’ll need:

A key, legitimate for the entirety of your remain in China, with additional web pages
The Visa Application Form with image
One initial AND one copy of your admission letter issued by your university in China
One original AND one xerox of the “Visa Application for Study in China”– the JW201 or JW202
The JW201 as well as JW202 are provided based upon the kinds of scholarships you have gotten from your university. The Chinese government will know which one to provide to you, and your college should be able to tell you which form to complete.

X2 Visas

All students researching in China for much less than 180 days should obtain an X2 visa.

Right here’s what you’ll require:

A key, legitimate for the whole of your stay in China, with extra pages
The Visa Application Form with image
One original AND one photocopy of your admission letter issued by your university in China

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